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Alternative Seating Empowers Students

In an ever-changing world, our 21st century learners are evolving so our classrooms should be too. 

Students feel empowered by having some degree of choice and control over their environment. Flexible seating allows students to choose where they work and with whom. It also allows them to change their location and positions as needed.

This high school classroom was designed specifically with the students using it in mind.  Counter height seating, traditional four legged chairs, ottomans and booths give students numerous options in a number of combinations. So let’s take a look!

Stools allow students to adopt different postures than conventional seating arrangements. Stools with high tables give students the ability to switch between sitting and standing within the same working or studying session.

Round tables combined with ottomans on glides make for easy collaboration. Not only does this soft seating option add comfort to your classroom, but students can also glide easily around the table towards a classmate for better engagement.

A traditional desk and chair option is still available for those students that thrive with a more structured, traditional set up.  However, they still have a standing option through the height-adjustable student desk in case they find themselves needing a different position.

And lastly, booths, a very non-traditional take on classroom seating. Small group collaboration thrives when students are in a more intimate setting. High backs provide privacy and eliminate unnecessary distractions, while the soft seating still gives the comfort.

So when you’re looking to empower your 21st learners with choice, let Freedom Interiors bring your vision to reality.