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Freedom Interiors provides modern furniture updates to USDA National Information Technology Center

Freedom Interiors designed, specified, ordered and installed office furniture for the newly redesigned United States Department of Agriculture’s National Information Technology Center.  The Technology Center provides Cloud services for USDA and other federal services.

Freedom Interiors worked directly with the end users to design a work space that brought their vision to reality.  The federal building was once fitted with tall cubicle walls, but needed a more open floor plan that encouraged collaboration among employees.

They moved away from a very traditional office layout and cubicle design and created a more open, modern space through the use of Herman Miller Canvas Wall to give the department lower partitions making communication between employees more easily accessible.


These workstations were home to Herman Miller’s Aeron chair, the benchmark for ergonomic seating. The workstations were accessorized with mobile storage units fitted with a cushion on top and handle to pull it.  Height-adjustable desks with Humanscale monitor arms made for a healthier work environment, while keeping the area free of clutter and wires by using Humanscale’s NeatTech cable management system.


The ‘Manager’s Nook’ for employees that oversaw teams in the cubicles, had an even more open office space design, which was separated the from the cubicle area through Herman Miller’s OE1 dividers.


This area was outfitted with Herman Miller: Canvas Metal Desk, collaboration desks, and Aeron chairs.


Freedom Interiors is a MBE/WBE/8a company providing solutions to federal, state and local governments.