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03 June 20, 2022 Influence KC: Carol Espinosa | Fake it until you become it   This week we hear from Carol Espinosa at Freedom Interiors! She invited me to her office,... Read More  June 20, 2022 Carol Espinosa on Networking as an Introvert In our third episode, Carol Espinosa, founder of Freedom Interiors, joins host Alana Muller to... Read More  June 20, 2022 Fast 50: Freedom Interiors adapts to thrive during pandemic Freedom Interiors’ challenges during the pandemic went beyond the norm — and the obvious... Read More  June 20, 2022 Still Think Your Business Can’t Be Hacked? Carol Espinosa talks about how a hacker accessed Freedom Interiors’ email system and then... Read More  June 20, 2022 Mentoring Monday: A look from the mentee side of the table [PHOTOS] Kansas City Business Journal reporter Nicole Dolan shares her Mentoring Monday experience. Dolan,... Read More  June 20, 2022 Kansas City-based Freedom Interiors lands KCI furnishing contract Kansas City’s new airport terminal will be furnished by Freedom Interiors, a Kansas... Read More  June 20, 2022 Rounding the Bases with Carol Espinosa Our guest today is a firm believer that growth is only made possible when shared with others. She... Read More  June 20, 2022 KC Greats | Season 2, Ep. 7 | Carol Espinosa of Freedom Companies Carol Espinosa visits with us this week to tell us about her journey from growing up in Rio to... Read More  June 20, 2022 Editor’s Notebook: Why empathy matters to entrepreneurs (and should to you, too) Editor Brian Kaberline writes that a recent panelist of Kansas City-area entrepreneurs talked about... Read More  } ?>
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