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Freedom Outfits Brand New Middle School

The Lee’s Summit School District opened their fourth middle school in the Fall of 2022. The 962 students at East Trails Middle School entered their brand new middle school to find two commons areas that looked more like something you’d find in a higher education space. The spaces were outfitted with TV screens, lounge seating, ottomans and multiple work surfaces to fit each students’ individual needs and learning style.

OFGO Studio: Rectangle Ottoman, OFGO Studio: Y-Shaped Ottoman, OFGO Studio: Round Ottoman with Laminate Top, OFGO Studio: Pull Up Table, HON: Flock Ottoman, National: Fringe Club chair, National: Ditto stools

Classroom Typicals:

Classroom typicals had multiple non-traditional table options. The individual desks on caster easily moved into any configuration from small to large group arrangements. Rectangular tables gave seating to small groups and a large work surface for collaboration. Each room was completed with a SmartBoard and whiteboards.

Global: Popcorn chair, Wisconsin Bench: ELO Rectangle table, Wisconsin Bench: ELO Diamond table

Alternative seating:

A majority of the classrooms at East Trails gave alternative seating options to students. Active seating, ottomans, traditional chairs and bar height stools gave the students options and each room was arranged with a different configuration to accommodate the needs of the teacher and the content.

Academia: Squircle Active Stool, HON: Makerspace Stools, HON: Makerspace Build tables, HON: Flock ottoman, HON: Smartlink chair, HON: Smartlink stools, Wisconsin Bench: ELO Plymouth rectangle table, Wisconsin Bench: Round Cafe tables, Wisconsin Bench: ELO Diamond tables