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KIPP KC Elevates the High School Experience

KIPP KC’s one main focus in education has been to adapt students’ experiences to what they will see once they are out in the world. As businesses and higher education institutions have changed the look of the traditional space, schools are looking to do the same within their building to achieve that goal. That is what KIPP KC set out to do for their high schoolers.

Fre3dom Interiors’ collaboration with KIPP KC has resulted in a transformative learning environment that promotes collaboration, flexibility, and community. By leveraging mobile furniture, adjustable task chairs and desks, and thoughtfully curated common spaces, Fre3dom Interiors has empowered KIPP KC to provide students with an inspiring college-style experience. The durable and easy-to-clean facilities ensure a sustainable and inviting atmosphere that will serve the institution’s educational mission for years to come.

Collaboration is one of the most important soft skills that requires years of building. By adding furniture that allows for multiple layouts between teachers and students to collaborate with, we are setting up students for success when it is their time to conquer the world.

Highly adaptable student chairs and mobile student desks.
Lounge furniture that emulates the college experience.
Lunch tables that move and assemble with ease, branded with school colors.
Stackable chairs and music stands for their music room