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New Office Furniture Gives Civic Council of Kansas City Facelift

The Civic Council of Greater Kansas relocated to Downtown Kansas City to 2300 Main, a building that houses numerous government offices on their 12 floors. The Civic Council of Greater Kansas City is a non-profit organization composed the of the leadership of the largest, private employers in the metro area.  Their vision is the achieve a dynamic, globally competitive region that benefits all citizens. They work to advance growth in the region’s prosperity and quality of life.

While relocating, the Civic Council decided it was best to reinvent their space through new furniture. They needed a lounge reception area that could be used in multiple ways, including meetings and collaboration, two conference rooms, low-partition workstations and private offices. Freedom Interiors was able to provide them with furniture that fit each of their space’s specific needs.

Lounge/Reception Area:

The cozy entrance to the office needed furniture that allowed employees to meet, collaborate and engage with one another in a more relaxed, comfortable setting through the use of lounge furniture.  A grey Stylex Metrum couch was paired with HAY Tray Coffee Table and HAY Tray Side Tables.  The Metrum offers traditional lounge functionality based on its well-considered proportions. Seat width and depth provide ample seating space, yet maintain an overall footprint suitable for contract. An exciting pop of color came from the swiveling naughtone Always chairs upholstered in a mellow yellow, while offering positive back support with a comfortable enclosed feeling.

Conference Rooms:

Both a small and large conference room were outfitted in the space allowing for both smaller, one to six person, meetings and a larger meeting area that allowed for up to 12 people. The smaller conference room was home to the Herman Miller Headway Table and six Herman Miller Setu chairs.
The Headway Table nested power in the center for easy access. The Setu chairs are designed with a unique combination of flex and strength, making them suitable for multiple users.

The larger conference room utilized six Groupe Lacasse Quorum Multiconference Collection training tables equipped with easily accessible power points on each. Each table had casters and a flip top for easy mobility and even easier storage. Twelve Keilhauer Trua chairs allowed for larger groups to meet while still giving each person an ample work surface. Trua chairs are stackable, making them a great option for storing and rearranging.

Private Offices:

Five offices with glass walls allowed for more privacy while still allowing transparency to the rest of the office and its employees.  These private offices were appropriately furnished with Herman Miller’s Canvas Private Office collection.  Each room had a height-adjustable desk, lower storage, overhead storage, a small closet and a Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair.


In the center of the office building was the main workstation hub.  The centrally located Herman Miller Canvas workstations had low partitions that allowed for privacy when wanted, but access to colleagues when needed. The six workspaces also had height-adjustable desks and the Mirra 2 chair, but had an alternate storage option and a dual monitor system. The mid-level partitions came with both a tack board and magnetic area.