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Live Design Process Sets Freedom Interiors Apart

Musselman & Hall prides themselves on being a problem-solving and collaborative firm, where they put the customer’s needs first and figure out how they can solve their clients’ problems. When they found those same values in Freedom Interiors, they knew they had found the right match in a furniture dealership.

“Furniture vendors are all essentially going to have similar products and similar manufacturers, but really the [Live] Design Process that Freedom showed me and that I believed in [is what set them apart]. Being able to see the furniture in the space without actually going to a showroom to see every single piece of furniture was amazing,” Adam Porter, Chief Financial Officer said.


The office was home to multiple Herman Miller Canvas Wall Workstations and Verus task chairs.  The low partition walls gives privacy to workers when needed, while giving them the ability to stand or turn for easy communication.  Directly next to the workstations sit Herman Miller’s OE1 Agile Wall and Everywhere tables for quick access to collaboration.

Private & Executive Offices

Private offices are individually designed with both Herman Miller Canvas Metal Desk and Verus task and side chairs, and Herman Miller Private Office and Embody task chairs.  Additionally, executive offices are suited with Everywhere tables and Setu side chairs.

Project Room

The project room is furnished with a butcher block, bar-height, mobile table from HON’s Preside and four HAY About a Stool for brainstorming and collaboration. Soft seating and Everywhere tables give a more relaxed feel to the space and storage solutions were provided by Herman Miller’s Mora Storage.

“I think the coolest space is our project room. We kind of have a showroom, if you will, where we’ve got a butcher block project table, and some soft seating.  Really, we will get a lot of use of it from project management to bringing in clients. We will really be able to showcase the nicer side of what a construction firm is about,” Porter said.

Lounge Area

The lounge area seats 20+ team members with comfortable Kimball Villa booth lounge benches, black chairs and Everywhere tables.

Live Design Process

Through the Live Design process that Freedom uses, Porter was left with no concern as to how the final installation would look.

“I didn’t have to get nervous that everything wasn’t going to look right because I’ve already seen it. It looked exactly like it did on the design specs. I saw it come through and it was everything I expected,” Porter said. “Having an interior designer on staff was huge because I am a CFO, and I don’t know design. Having someone that I could count on and tell me why I should do one or the other.  It’s not just buying furniture.  It’s how does the furniture fit in the space for the needs that we have.”

Why Choose Freedom Interiors?

“Freedom has great people. Again, furniture is furniture.  It’s the ancillary things.  It’s the how you go about doing it, and the people, and the coordination, and communication that happens throughout every step of the way,” Porter said.