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Revitalizing Educational Classrooms: Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

As the summer sun starts to come to a close, schools across the nation gear up for a new academic year. This year, Shawnee Mission Northwest High School embarked on a transformative journey in updating and redesigning their learning spaces to help their student success. SMNW partnered with Fre3dom Interiors on this project with a shared commitment to fostering engaging spaces that support learning, growing, and creation, this partnership brought about a remarkable summer refresh that revamped classrooms and redefined the learning environment.

The impact of the learning environment on student engagement and teacher morale cannot be overstated. Research consistently shows that well-designed spaces have the potential to influence behavior, motivation, and overall learning outcomes. Recognizing this, Shawnee Mission Northwest High School made a conscious decision to revamp its classrooms and provide a more conducive atmosphere for learning.

The summer refresh journey was a meticulous process that involved collaboration, innovation, and a dash of creativity. Fre3dom Interiors conducted thorough assessments of each classroom, taking into consideration the needs of all stakeholders. The goal was to design spaces that encourage collaboration, active participation, and a sense of ownership over the learning process for all different kinds of learners. Fre3dom Interiors worked closely with the school’s educators to understand their needs and preferences. The result was classrooms designed to support teaching methodologies, streamline organization, and provide an environment where educators feel valued and inspired to share their knowledge.

Upgrading Classroom Furniture for Student Engagement
One of the central components of the summer refresh was the upgrade of classroom furniture. Traditional rows of desks were replaced with flexible seating arrangements that fostered a sense of community and collaboration. The introduction of comfortable yet functional furniture allowed students to choose seating that suited their learning preferences, empowering them to take charge of their education.

The recovery room is equipped with a study carrel, eagles next with corresponding egg pads, ottomans, and collab tables to aid in students to properly have a safe space to focus on their learning.
The specialty classrooms contain furniture to match the needs of the curriculum that is being delivered. Stools, chairs, differentiated table heights, and worktop tables allow students to have better control over their learning in terms of how they like to be positioned while learning.
Configured desks adds a creative element to the classroom while also serving the process of fitting together like a puzzle piece to allow for optimal space to be use. The ability for the pieces to join together fosters the ability for collaboration amongst students and to engage with their learning.
Students tend to engage with their learning with choices are presented, no matter how big or small. But having the ability to choose between working at desk or lounge furniture with an ottoman and power, students can take part in their learning with themselves or each other, promoting creativity within the classroom.

The summer refresh undertaken by Shawnee Mission Northwest High School in partnership with Fre3dom Interiors stands as a testament to the transformative potential of intentional design. The upgraded classroom furniture will not only aid in student engagement but also contributed to teacher retention by creating spaces that value their expertise. As the academic year unfolds, the impact of this collaboration will undoubtedly continue to shape the educational journey of both students and educators, setting a new standard for learning environments.