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Freedom Interiors

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Our Process

We bring your vision to reality with the use of 3D scanning, virtual reality, and Live Design.

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Freedom was founded on the belief that professional growth, achievement and success should go hand-in-hand with personal growth, happiness, and fulfillment.

Our Team

Carol Espinosa Carol Espinosa Carol Espinosa Principal   Follow me
Garold Sokolenko Garold Sokolenko Garold Sokolenko Project Lead   Follow me
Jake Randall Jake Randall Jake Randall Project Lead   Follow me
Tyler Bosley Tyler Bosley Tyler Bosley Project Lead, Education   Follow me
Zach Mabery Zach Mabery Zach Mabery Project Lead   Follow me
Kaitlin Neff Kaitlin Neff Kaitlin Neff Interior Designer, IIDA   Follow me
Danielle Spears Danielle Spears Danielle Spears Interior Designer, IIDA   Follow me
Beca Vega Beca Vega Beca Vega Customer Account Manager   Follow me
Jesse DeWitt Jesse DeWitt Jesse DeWitt Customer Account Manager   Follow me
Emily "Roz" Rosner Emily "Roz" Rosner Emily "Roz" Rosner Showroom Manager   Follow me
Alicia Pellen Alicia Pellen Alicia Pellen Interior Designer / CAM   Follow me
Linda Hamilton Linda Hamilton Linda Hamilton Accounting Manager   Follow me
Ginger Ginger Ginger Showroom Dog

Our Culture

We work hard, and we play hard. We have an office dog, good coffee, lots of snacks, noise-canceling headphones, Friday happy hours and even a hammock for the occasional nap. With a mindset of "Solve Communicate Grow," every member of our team upholds our core values of Empowerment, Transparency, Innovation, Adaptability, and Fun.

We have three cardinal rules that we live by:

  1. No a**holes
  2. No freeloaders
  3. No drama

These are non-negotiable and shared with all who work with us and everyone who wants to become part of our team. This makes life a lot easier and our work environment more productive and enjoyable.

Current Openings

We are always looking for new team members who excel at what they do and are a good fit for our culture. Think that's you? Send us your resume, even if no positions are open.

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