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Free To Grow

Freedom is growing up.  The last six years have been rewarding and challenging and are now culminating with Freedom taking huge steps towards being the company I’ve always dreamed it would be.  Our team has grown.  We are opening a new showroom.   We keep pushing the envelope with technology and innovation to better serve our clients.  We have a new partnership with Kimball Office Furniture, our new flagship line.  Through it all, one thing hasn’t changed: we love what we do and have 100% commitment to bringing our clients’ visions to reality.  And we have new and exciting ways that we are using to do just that.

Our new home, starting in the fall, will be a 7,000 sq. ft., 100-year old building that was the original Westport Post Office (the spot in the city where Kansas City, Missouri was born) and we are using the technologies we use with our clients’ projects to bring our own vision to reality.  About 4,500 sq. ft. of the space is a Kimball Office working showroom, with focus and collaboration areas, learning, social and rejuvenation spots.  The other 2,500 sq. ft. is dedicated to a manufacturer-agnostic education center, a Future-Ready Classroom Lab where we will have the latest in technology and furnishings for K-12 and higher education.  

We used our space capture technology prior to the start of construction, which allowed us to model the space in virtual space and create our showroom in virtual reality without the need to measure the entire building.  We have designed our interior space, along with Clockwork Architects, in virtual space.  We specified all of our interior finishes and furnishings seeing exactly what they would look like before making final selections.  When seeing the space in 3D on the screen wasn’t enough, we jumped into Virtual Reality mode and experienced the space, moved around the floor, walked from our future design studio to our future desks, stood inside our future VR collaboration room, sat down at our future bar area.  (I’m anticipating a sense of déjà vu when we finally move in.)  

To accompany all these changes, we have a new iteration of our logo.  Not a new logo altogether, but a sort of a re-boot, fresher, more modern, more fun, more reflective of who we are.  Who would have known: 3D was inside or Freedom the whole time, we just had to let it out.

I invite you to experience our space with us.  Take the pre-construction virtual tour.  Browse our final space in the 360 fly-through video (feel free to pause and look around at any time).  Plan to visit us later this fall when our space is ready – though if you’d like to visit the space before that drop me a line and we will be happy to put you in a VR headset so you can experience the space the same way that we did before finalizing our design.