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Free2Learn Podcast – Dr. Leslie Umstattd

Meet the Team - Innovate Park
Dr. Leslie Umstattd of Park University

Free2Learn’s second episode brings a conversation with Dr. Leslie Umstattd, Director of Digital Learning at Park University in Parkville, MO.

Dr. Umstattd was developing digital courses way before virtual learning was a requirement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Her expertise in training faculty to enable student engagement in online classrooms through problem-based learning and innovative discussions is especially poignant for the challenges teachers are facing in 2020.  In a world where the most students will pay attention to content for an average of 5 to 7 minutes, how do educators adapt existing curriculum to create an engaging digital learning experience?  Can you cover the same ground virtually as you can with in-person learning?  How can you find purpose behind the functionality of virtual learning?  Dr. Umstattd shares her expertise with Scott to answer these questions, as well as provides valuable tips for educators.                            

Profile photo of Leslie Umstattd
Dr. Leslie Umstattd of Park University

Dr. Umstattd has served at various levels of education from elementary to higher education. She is an experienced classroom educator, as well as a designer and instructor for online undergraduate and Master level courses. As Director of Digital Learning, Dr. Umstattd oversees the design of Park University online courses and collaborates with her professional community providing training on campus. 

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