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A Transformation for the Youth: The Livingston Library

In the town of Chillicothe, MO, an exciting and transformative project took place – the conversion of a former Walgreens building into a vibrant library for youth of all ages. Fre3dom Interiors and BC Design Group joined forces to create a unique space where children, teenagers, and young adults could gather, learn, and grow together.

The Lillian DesMarias Youth Library provides vibrant soft seating with bookshelves filled with lots of books for children to have a relaxing environment while enjoying their favorite stories.
There was counter height seating, sturdy tables, lounge seating, and partitions to allow for children to collaborate with their peers, create community, and promote social interaction amongst each other.
The library includes many study rooms for children to study individually or with a small group, allowing for focus or just a moment of peace.

The collaboration between Fre3dom Interiors and BC Design Group is an inspiring tale of vision, innovation, and community empowerment. By converting a former Walgreens building into a dynamic library for the youth, the project promises to be a catalyst for growth and development in Chillicothe, MO.