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Avi’s Internship with Fre3dom Interiors

At Fre3dom Interiors, we believe in fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and creativity. That’s why we were thrilled to have Avi Berry, our newest intern from Kansas State University, who was an invaluable addition to our team. As Avi embarked on this exciting journey, we are delighted to witness the remarkable progress she made by engaging in a diverse range of tasks, including attending team meetings, utilizing CET Designer, organizing library materials and spec sheets, and taking on a challenging project of designing an enchanting outdoor patio for our showroom.

The Outdoor Patio Project

One of the most exciting challenges Avi has undertaken is the design of an outdoor patio for our showroom. With boundless creativity and an eye for detail, Avi has transformed the space into a captivating oasis that harmoniously blends nature and aesthetics. Throughout this project, Avi has shown remarkable dedication and versatility in handling different aspects, from conceptualization to material selection. Their passion for creating spaces that inspire and resonate with people is evident in every element of the design.

As per her class requirement, Avi had to produce a writeup of her internship here at Fre3dom.

At Fre3dom Interiors, we firmly believe that fostering young talent is key to shaping the future of interior design. Avi Berry’s journey as an intern with us exemplifies the immense potential that lies within aspiring designers.