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Education Furniture Allows for Multiple Configurations, Unique Needs

Your classroom and its needs are as unique as your students.  Each day brings new content, instruction and obstacles, but your furniture shouldn’t be one of them. We have a variety of arrangements, using the same furniture in each of these classrooms that will aid in the productivity of your class.

Our first classroom is arranged in traditional rows, which is the most commonly used seating arrangement in the world.  This is great for teacher-centered classes, such as lectures.  It encourages students to focus on the teacher and the content, and easy to implement for large class sizes.

Our second classroom is arranged in a U-shape, encouraging discussion, interaction and collaboration between students. It’s easy for the teacher to observe all students and provides easy accessibility to students when 1 on 1 assistance is needed.

Our last classroom is arranged in clusters or groups.  This arrangement gives students the ability to learn cooperatively in a smaller group environment and is a great way to increase student engagement for all.

Using the correct configuration for your classroom is vital to our 21st century learners, so let Freedom Interiors maximize your student learning by bringing your vision to reality.