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IDEA Space: Virtual Tour

IDEA Space is Kansas City’s center for innovation, design, entrepreneurship and arts.

This space is designed to serve thousands of students from diverse neighborhoods and varying socioeconomic backgrounds through year-round, hands-on educational experiences. The 32,000 square foot center will be used for science, technology, engineering, arts and math, housing a technology lab, engineering lab, as well as a skilled trades, woodworking and arts lab.

Freedom Interiors helped design and furnish the entire first phase of the project, and provided a 3D rendering of the space. This gave them the ability to see their space and its furniture before ever placing an order, and long before installation was complete.

This 3D video was then paired with the facilitators of IDEA Space to provide an informative, virtual tour.

As you watch the video, please click and drag your mouse to view the entire space. Click the hyperlink buttons within the video to move from space to space.