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Nine NeoCon Trends of 2022

NeoCon, the hub for commercial design, hosted their 1 million square foot convention June 13-15. Over 400 manufacturers showcased their most popular, innoative and newest pieces from their collections to dealers, architects and end-users. Each year, new trends in shapes, colors and funtionality appear. Here’s this year’s top nine:

Height-adjustable lap top tables

Most every line, from Herman Miller to HAY, Knoll to naughtone introduced their take on a height adjustable laptop table.  This small, convenient table just got better when they added the height-adjustable option to fit your individual needs.

Plush Wool Fabrics

Cream, beaded wool fabric was in almost every showroom on couches, lounge chairs and stools.  This resi-mercial look brings comfort to any workspace.

Knit back chairs

3D knit print chair back made their appearance in Chicago in multiple showrooms.  These state-of-the-art machines remove any typical design restraints that once existed and provide a more free moving, breathable option.  You are combining the comfort of your favorite sweater with the high-performance quality your task chair needs.

Dusty and sunset tones

Blush, coral and orange stole the show this year bringing warmth to each room.  Ottomans to task chairs revealed these soothing colors.  Other popular tones included dusty variations of blues, greens and yellows.

Cork seats and stools

Sustainability keeps showing up in different ways over the years, this time in the form of corks.  Broken down and recycled material made their second appearance through stools, ottomans and other alternative seating.

Comfort edge on tables and desk

Straight rectangular edges are making their way out and making room for the arrive of rounded edges, known as comfort edges.  Panels, desks and table were all home to smooth rounded, modern edges rather than your typical sharp corner.

Forward facing and side facing tables

Multi-functional seating options were common throughout the Mart, giving the end user a number of ways to sit.  All were equipped with ‘two’ back rests, that when not being used were arms.  A quick 90 degree turn of the body allowed for comfortable postures in a different direction.


This color scheme had a modern take on a retro feel.  Neo-Deco mixes luxury with contemporary and pairs with Neo-Modern shapes and Art Deco glitz.

Nested tables

One coffee or conference table just isn’t enough. These tables at different heights, overlapping one another adds depth and dimension to any space.  Utilizing more than one table also give the opportunity to use more than one color or pattern in an area.